About Me

I am an academic researcher in operations and supply chain management. Within the discipline of operations management, my research interests are in the area of complex procurement, inter- and intra-firm relationships, professional services and complex capital projects.

My research broadly focuses on the issue of procurement and management of complex performance. I am specifically interested in how the interactions and relationships between internal, boundary-spanning and external stakeholders influence the performance of complex operations characterised by lack of clarity and certainty of outcomes and relational exchanges. I pursue this research agenda across two research streams: (1) Procurement and ‘production’ of professional services and (2) The emergence and orchestration of supply networks in complex capital projects.

Primarily a qualitative researcher, I am interested in pursuing theory-building research from an individual, firm-level, dyadic, triadic and network levels of analysis.

In addition to my research, I have also taught supply chain management at undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience (MBA) levels. My teaching interests include service operations management, strategic supply management and project management.

Prior to joining the academia, I have worked with manufacturing and service firms in a range of Business Analysis, Process Improvement, Supply Chain Management and Software Project Management roles.

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Cheers, Jas